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Vir2us Product Innovation



The patented Vir2us VMunity™ Platform of software and software enabled hardware solutions takes a unique and different approach to secure computing by fundamentally changing the way computers work.  Vir2us replaces legacy computing processes for using computer hardware and software with a highly innovative architecture that makes cyber borne threats irrelevant.  Vir2us technologies make secure computing proactive rather than reactive, operating below the OS to deliver as much as 100X higher system performance over other security solutions, an unchanged user experience and compatibility with virtually any computing platform.

Early architects of the computer industry did not envision global public networks, such as the Internet, or the computing devices and environment that comprises the computer industry today.  These early designers could not have foreseen the capabilities of such networks or the many security problems that such an environment would produce. 

Demand for greater processing capability quickly overran the architectural limitations of these now-obsolete computing processes.  Solutions offered by the information security industry today are mere patches to the many holes in this legacy fabric and an outdated way of thinking about secure computing.  As a result, these solutions address only the symptoms of a much larger and more fundamental design problem.

Optistreams VMunity MOSES Graphic Nov2020.png
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