Thinking Differently about Secure Computing



Virtually every cybersecurity hack or exploit that has been widely reported in the media began with an endpoint security breach.  Yet, most cybersecurity firms do not provide genuine endpoint security solutions.  Why not?  Because nearly all solutions providers approach cyber security from the perspective of the hacker, (also known as an "outside-in" approach).  These methods of attempting to keep out hackers and malicious software consistently fail because once checkpoints are breached these security methods collapse and provide virtually no security.  It's like gambling all-in, all the time.


Legacy above-the-OS solutions (top-down) are quickly bypassed by low-level exploits in the kernel and bios.  Legacy antivirus and even more recent list-based solutions simply cannot keep pace with the quickly evolving cyber-threat landscape, and add significant latency and overhead to networks and computing resources.


Vir2us thinks differently about cyber- secure computing.  We recognized that aging computer designs were not created for today's cyber connected world and that an innovative and fundamental change in the way computing resources were managed was required.  The result is a patented secure computing platform that makes endpoint computing  immune to both known and unknown cyber-borne threats.