Get the assurance you need and customers     demand.

You and your customers want assurance that your business and their information are secure.  Vir2us solutions provide the assurance you and your customers need now, while empowering your business to innovate and move forward.   

Reduce the cost of securing your enterprise by 30% or more ........ guaranteed!

Your savings could be greater.  How?  Real innovation is economical, turning complexity into elegant simplicity, and automating tasks while employing efficient secure processes. Start your no-risk assessment today and let us show you how. 

The most popular cybersecurity solutions are ineffective.  

Did you know that some of the most popular cybersecurity solutions are almost completely ineffective against embedded and foreign language malware? Additionally, these solutions can consume more than 70% of computing and network resources, scanning and updating with little result.   

AI-Robotic Cybersecurity



Still gambling all In, all the time with your company's assets?

Isn't it time you exchanged the illusion of security for cyber threat immunity?   

If it was not clear already, recent catastrophic cyber events have effectively rendered all antivirus and binary checkpoint cybersecurity solutions (the ones you're using now) obsolete. 

Virtually all these cybersecurity solutions fail because they rely on outdated checkpoint and post-attack listing strategies that simply cannot identify or stop unknown threats.

Patented Vir2us technologies end the game with hackers and insiders by delivering genuine cybersecurity of your global digital assets.  By employing built-in secure processes and disposable computing environments malicious software simply cannot access computing resources, propagate or persist.  

Vir2us empowers you to achieve genuine security with automated configuration, administration and deployment in minutes.  With powerful cloud-based controls and a real-time mobile dashboard, there is simply nothing better. 

One Move Ends the Game

  • Endpoint Security

  • Network Security

  • Application Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Data Security

  • Mobile Security

  • Access & Authentication

  • Identity Management

  • Secure Blockchain

  • AI Threat Intelligence

  • Managed Service

  • Inventory Management

  • Messaging Security

  • IP-PBX Security

  • Web Security

  • Transaction Security

  • Industrial IOT Security

  • Risk & Compliance

  • Monitor, Report, Respond

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cloud cybersecurity

"In my forty years inside the Federal Government I have seen perhaps only two or three companies with unique technology that had game-changing potential.  Vir2us is one of those companies."

Michael Jacobs, Former Deputy Director of Information Security, NSA

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The VMunity Platform TM

Vir2us technologies and solutions  are protected by one or more of the following United States patents: 8,775,369; 7,849,360; 7,788,699; 7,577,871; 7,571,353; 7,536,598; 7,392,541; 7,137,034; 7,111,201; 7,100,075; 7,096,381; 6,880,110; Additional U.S. and international patents are pending.

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