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iPac3 - AI-Robotic Remediation, Restoration, Repair



The iPac3 AI-Robotic Technician is an automated, artificial intelligence (AI) platform that quickly restores computing environments to a day-one, pristine state to provide complete assurance of uncompromised and secure computing. 


iPac3 is a patented computer restoration device that performs a 100% restoration of the computing system environment.  iPac3 takes a “digital snapshot” of a computer’s operating environment and quickly determines if the computer to be restored has any mechanical or hardware issues that would preclude its remediation, restoration and repair.  Next, it creates a new and pristine computing environment, completely rebuilding the computer using a proven and patented process in which malware cannot persist.

iPac3 restores all user data with first, second, and third level data recovery, applications environment recovery and restoration (including keys). The target computing system need not be boot-able to be serviced.  It  automatically and comprehensively repairs and restores all data structures, eliminates 100% of embedded malware without having to identify it, and returns the computer to a day-one optimum and pristine state while retaining all data and customization.  (Complete computer restoration typically takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon data size, drive and processor speed and hardware.)  iPac3 quickly performs more than 1,000 perfectly executed processes including:

  • State of the art remediation without a technician 

  • 100% restoration of  compromised computer systems

  • Real-time comprehensive system diagnosis and repair

  • Smart backup and restoration of data

  • Active malware elimination

  • Application key recovery

  • Comprehensive data recovery

  • Account reset 

  • Storage device upgrade

  • Computer to computer migration and upgrade



iPac3 Robot Tech March 2022 R4.png
iPac3 Device Pic May 2022.jpg
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