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Securing Pipeline Critical Infrastructure



Pipeline operators are facing the challenge of securing natural resource delivery systems that are computer controlled, often by legacy systems and software that are not compatible with next-generation cybersecurity solutions.  The VMunity Platform is a fully integrated and comprehensive suite of advanced cybersecurity solutions that offers compatibility with legacy computing systems and industrial control systems software applications.

Water Delivery Systems


Water pipeline delivery systems have evolved to the point where they are managed almost exclusively by computer systems and associated software applications.  While these control systems are constantly being updated, the vast majority are decades old and represent a significant cybersecurity challenge to utility operators.   


The VMunity Platform and iKit customization module for engineers and developers provides the solution to securing new pipeline control systems as well as legacy systems.  VMunity can be easily configured to meet the current and future requirements being put forth by regulatory authorities worldwide.


Oil Production and Pipeline Security


Cybersecurity is critical to ensuring oil pipeline delivery systems and the revenue streams they generate.  Cyber security of oil pipelines are also essential to protecting the environment and mitigating operator risk associated with environmental disasters.  Vir2us provides advanced cybersecurity technology that enables oil pipeline operators to achieve zero-vulnerability levels of cybersecurity in their industrial control systems to ensure availability and mitigate environmental risk.

Gas Pipeline Security

Cybersecurity is critical to ensuring gas pipeline delivery systems and public safety.  Vir2us delivers the tools that utilities need to quickly secure industrial control systems and meet or exceed the current and proposed requirements of regulatory authorities worldwide. 



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