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VMunity Cloud  AI - The only solution for securing the cloud

VMunity Cloud-AI secures cloud-based servers, virtual desktops and all of your enterprise digital assets from the inside-out with built-in secure processes that eliminate unknown threats before they can ever get started. VMunity Cloud delivers 100% efficacy with 100X better system performance from cloud services over the most popular cybersecurity solutions.  If you're currently using these legacy solutions you'll realize an almost immediate ROI.  

Cloud and cloud-based SaaS providers typically offer performance robbing check-point security solutions that simply cannot protect your enterprise digital assets against unknown cyber threats.  These check points are easily breached and then collapse, providing virtually no security.  It's like gambling all-in all the time.

Vir2us offers VMunity Server and Virtual Desktop security pre-installed on Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud services or as an add-on to your existing enterprise cloud services from all major cloud and SaaA providers.

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