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The Vir2us $100 Billion Global Opportunity



Is your service provider or management consulting business ready for the coming $100 billion global market for managed cybersecurity and digital asset assurance services?  

Vir2us puts you at the center of this rapidly growing market for managed cybersecurity services with automated online systems and solutions that simply don't exist anywhere else.  Offer your clients unrivaled cybersecurity solutions and online management services that make your business the trusted expert advisor to boards and C-suite executives of your most valuable clients and prospects.

According to Gartner, the most important problem facing CEOs and their firms today is cybersecurity and the global management of digital information assets.  So-called experts have said that the $2 trillion annual cybercrime and data exfiltration problem are unsolvable.  We respectfully disagree.

Vir2us Global Partners enjoy the competitive advantage of unique and patented technology solutions that end the game, and meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of cybersecurity compliance organizations worldwide. 


Dramatically grow your client base, increase profits and create unparalleled competitive advantage for your business by becoming a Vir2us Partner today.   

Vir2us technologies and solutions  are protected by one or more of the following United States patents: 8,775,369; 7,849,360; 7,788,699; 7,577,871; 7,571,353; 7,536,598; 7,392,541; 7,137,034; 7,111,201; 7,100,075; 7,096,381; 6,880,110; Additional U.S. and international patents are pending.

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