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Citadel - Securing Nation States, Municipalities



The U.S. Government has estimated over one billion attempts are made each year to breach its information systems.  Once inside most government systems, these cyber spies encounter little security.  Additionally, global governments are the first line of defense in what the U.S. Department of Defense refers to as the "fifth battle field", which includes all critical infrastructure including water, power, banking and communications to name just a few (The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has defined seventeen areas of critical infrastructure). 

Citadel is a fully integrated, single-view system for real-time monitoring, defense and response to cyber threats against nation states and their critical infrastructure that quickly intercepts cyber threats before they become active, and provides actionable data for real-time planned response.  


Citadel incorporates the patented Vir2us VMunity technology to deliver zero-vulnerability end-point security in classified data environments and for securing critical infrastructure and digital assets.

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