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iKit - The VMunity Developers Kit



iKit is the automated learning and configuration module for the VMunity Platform that makes information managers the cybersecurity experts inside their organizations.  iKit enables the automated custom configuration of the VMunity Service Matrix and allows developers, designers and system managers to build cybersecurity directly into bespoke applications software.  iKit enables zero vulnerability levels of secure computing and defense-in-depth in the most demanding critical service environments.


iKit is also designed to allow users and providers of critical infrastructure and industrial controls applications to quickly and easily add next generation, 100% secure VMunity technology to their applications used in mission-critical, dedicated computing environments.  iKit exceeds the capabilities of virtually all legacy security solutions on the market today and defeats both known and unknown threats.  This allows for the creation of secure computing processes that are inherently immune to cyber threats.  Legacy security solutions do not address unknown threats and provide virtually no security once breached.


Once you have used iKit to create the VMunity-Inside module for your application and computing environment, you have the option to deploy the module through your own network or through the Vir2us’ cloud deployment system for managing enterprise wide deployments.



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