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Cybersecurity-The New Profit Center



Many firms have viewed cybersecurity as simply a cost of doing business.  However, Vir2us' patented technology solutions represent a significant opportunity to reduce costs, increase profits, and realize an immediate ROI.   


Legacy solutions are not just flawed, they induce latency and can consume up to 80% of network bandwidth capacity and computer processing power, impacting profits and overall productivity.  Legacy cyber security solutions also put firms at risk for significant downtime (Sony), and the high cost of restoring and remediating compromised systems and networks after a cyber event (Target, University of Michigan, Saudi Aramco).   The lack of genuine cybersecurity can also stifle your firm's ability to innovate with new product and service offerings because these new offerings cannot be secured from IP cyber thieves.  IP without built-in cybersecurity is too easily stolen, copied or counterfeited  (Analyst Report IDC Oct. 2024).


The U.S. Government has said that global business and institutions lose over five trillion dollars to cyber related crime each year.   While the government is beginning to measure the cost of this key risk area most firms still do not.   Firms that employ advanced, built-in security and customer protection features will likely realize higher valuations by Wall Street and investors in the near future.  The lack of such a strategy for enhancing profit and shareholder value will eliminate many firms as serious competitors in their market space. 

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